A look into how this project came about and how it was created

How this Project Started

During the Winter break of my first year of my masters program in 2015 I thought of several different Capstone project ideas. I thought about doing a project in which I would one of those AncestryDNA kits and trace my family lineage, but who would be interested in that besides myself and my family? I also thought about creating a website showcasing a data visualization that accompanied a story. One thing I knew for sure, was that I wanted to include everything that I learned in this program.

I took a trip Memphis, Tennessee during that winter break and before I left, I visited the National Civil Rights Museum. While touring the museum I found that most of the material that explained the occurrences during the Civil Rights Era were very similar to the turmoil that had been broadcasted in the media recently.

The information in the museum explained that many American cities are sharply divided by race, with whites, blacks, and other people of color living in separate and distinct neighborhoods. Public policy and practice reinforce the divide. The high percentage of people of color in the criminal justice system can be linked to discrimination in policing — much like during the heyday of Jim Crow.

You can view my journal and Hyan's journal to learn more about our journey.

Creative Brief

The aim of this project is to produce a single project that integrates and applies the knowledge and skills that I have learned during my coursework in the Masters of Fine Arts Interactive Media. Some people believe that the allegations of unfair treatment towards minorities are blown out of proportion. This website will shed light on the issues that minorities faced during the Jim Crow Era and compare them with the issues they face today.

The vision of this project is to create awareness on reoccurring issues within the minority community so that people better understand about unfair treatment toward minorities and create opportunities to address these issues in various communities. This project is in response to the recent criticism in the media regarding how they portray minorities.

“Jim Crow: Now & Then” is a digital, immersive and interactive storytelling experience that will be hosted on a website. The users will read the narrative and interact with the infographics to learn more about various issues. There will be an immersive virtual reality 360 video storytelling experience that allows viewers to see and learn about historic sites, and compare them to how they were during the Jim Crow Era. This is important so the users can get a glimpse of these sites were during the Jim Crow Era and their importance to the African-American community during this time. This project is completely unique because there are no comprehensive websites, let alone websites that include data in a consumable form in addition to a 360 video.

You can view the complete project proposal here.


You can view the complete timeline here.

Design Documentation

Although the design on the landing page changed a little, the overall design from the low fidelity wireframes to the completed project are pretty much the same. Creating this website provided a way to deliver information instantly, to large audiences. By included interactive charts to open up questions rather than immediately seeking solutions, and can invite us to have another view. This website serves as a powerful marketing and advocacy tool, and move people from awareness to action by providing background information and call to action buttons.

You can view the complete wireframes, taskflow, annotations, and user flow here.

Promotional Video


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